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Environmental Corporation of America (ECA) is an employee owned company known for our unsurpassed technical accuracy, speed of service, and innovative, no-nonsense approach to our work. Our staff of experienced professionals includes professional engineers, geologists, biologists, environmental scientists, historians, architectural historians and archaeologists. We have offices in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Asheville, NC; and West Palm Beach, FL.

ECA serves customers in private industry and government. ECA primary service sectors include telecommunications, commercial real estate development and redevelopment, manufacturing, hospitality, health care, transportation, and natural resources. We believe our depth and breadth of experience makes ECA an excellent choice for your organization.

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Environmental & NEPA
Marvin Webster, MES, REP
(770) 667-2040 x 101

Wetlands & Ecology
Ben Salter, MS, REP, PWS
(828) 505-0755

Environmental & NEPA
Eric Johnson
(770) 667-2040 x 114

History & Archaeology
Dina M. Bazzill, MA, RPA
(770) 667-2040 x 111

Geotechnical & Engineering
Hector A. Acosta, MSCE, PE
(770) 667-2040 x 110

Architectural History
Jaime Destefano, MS
(615) 255-0065