Geotechnical Engineering and Materials Testing


ECA has professionals registered in most eastern states with experience in conducting many types of engineering investigations including geotechnical investigations, foundation installation inspections, and materials testing during construction.

ECA engineers are experienced in evaluating subsurface conditions relative to new construction and foundation design. A typical investigation would include borings, soil sampling, and an evaluation that would provide recommendations for foundation bearing capacity design and estimation of potential settlement. Reports also usually address site-specific issues such and site preparation, fill placement, drainage, and pavement design.

ECA is also very experienced in conducting construction field inspections of various foundation types (e.g., shallow footings, caissons, mats, piers, piles, etc.).


ECA engineers and technicians are equipped to perform required testing of various construction materials including soils (fill compaction control), concrete, and steel. ECA is capable of conducting failure investigations on construction materials, such as pavement failures and building distress (slab or wall cracking, etc.).

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