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Environmental Assessments (EAs) and Impact Statements (EISs) are required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). NEPA requires that any federal agency action which might cause significant environmental impact be reviewed with regard to its possible impact. A partial listing of impacts subject to NEPA include potential impacts on wilderness areas, wildlife preserves, endangered species, wetlands, floodplains, historical and archeological resources, cultural resources, and other environmental, cultural and socioeconomic impacts.

The issuance of a single federal permit or license, because such an issuance constitutes an agency action, could trigger the NEPA requirement to prepare an EA or EIS. EAs are less comprehensive than EISs. EAs are typically developed after an initial scoping phase indicates that the magnitude and severity of impacts is low. EAs are used as preliminary evaluation tools for actions not likely to have a significant environmental impact.

An EIS may be required if an agency determines that actions are likely to have a significant environmental impact. This determination may be made based upon agency review of an EA or solely upon the scope of the proposed action and the initial NEPA evaluation. For actions which are very likely to a have significant environmental impact, an EA is usually not prepared, rather the Environmental Assessment stage of the process is eliminated and an EIS is prepared.

ECA has successfully secured findings of no significant impact (FONSIs) for our clients by presenting scientifically based support for conclusions and by devising and recommending mitigation measures to offset potential impacts. ECA performs all EAs and EISs in accordance with the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) regulations and guidelines.


The scopes and purposes of state environmental policy acts (SEPA) are similar to those of the federal NEPA. State assessments are typically required for state funded projects and significant state sponsored projects. Many of the same environmental criteria are evaluated for state Environmental Policy Act Assessments as for NEPA. ECA has completed many State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) assessments for entities seeking state funding or permitting.


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