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Environmental Corporation of America (ECA) serves the transportation industry by providing environmental and cultural resource studies and assessments. Most transportation projects utilize state and/or federal funding. Therefore, such projects are subject to state and federal environmental laws and regulations, including the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Clean Air Act (CAA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), and other regulatory programs.

ECA has consulted with most Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices in the eastern United States. ECA has also consulted with most State Historic Preservation offices and federally recognized Indian tribes in the continental United States. Where impacts to environmental or cultural resources were found, ECA has successfully worked to condition projects or to negotiate mitigation, such as Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with the respective agencies and/or tribes to resolve or mitigate adverse effects so that projects could proceed.


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