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Environmental Corporation of America (ECA) serves municipalities and county governments by providing water-quality, ecological, and environmental studies and assessments. Many municipalities and county governments are currently working to improve water quality, preserve greenspaces and natural resources, and maintain compliance with current water quality, stream/wetland, and NPDES permitting requirements.  ECA can provide professional support for these planning objectives and agency requirements including watershed/land use assessment, water quality monitoring and plan development, aquatic biological resources sampling and evaluation, stream quality evaluation, wetland delineation, mitigation, and permitting, and agency consultation.

ECA has consulted with most state environmental agencies and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices in the eastern United States.  ECA has successfully permitted stream and wetland disturbances associated with municipal development/expansion and developed and implemented mitigation and restoration projects.  Where watershed assessment is required, ECA has successfully developed and implemented water quality and biological resources monitoring plans and evaluated watershed land-uses for use in recommending specific management practices for water quality improvement. 

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