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State and Federal Projects

Environmental Corporation of America (ECA) assists state and federal government agencies and agency applicants with evaluation of State and Federal projects where environmental evaluation and permitting processes are necessary for project approval. ECA has experience within the framework of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Clean Water Act (CWA), the Clean Air Act (CAA), the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), and various other state and federal environmental and cultural resource programs.

Typically, when a project requires a state or federal permit, license, or funding, project environmental evaluation is necessary for the project to proceed legally. Also, when state or federal wetlands and/or waters are impacted, permits are often necessary for projects to proceed legally.

ECA has completed hundreds of state and federal environmental evaluations. ECA has successfully received agency concurrence with many hundreds of projects resulting in "No Effect" findings or findings of no significant impact (FONSI). Some projects lead to the need to complete Environmental Assessments (EA) and Environmental Impact Statements/Studies (EIS).

ECA has consulted with most Fish and Wildlife Service and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers offices in the Southeast. ECA has also consulted with every State Historic Preservation Office and with every federally recognized Indian tribe in the southeastern United States. Where impacts to environmental or cultural resources were found, ECA has successfully worked with clients to condition projects or to negotiate mitigation, such as Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with the respective agencies and/or tribes to resolve or mitigate adverse effects so that projects could proceed.

ECA has also completed many projects for private sector federal and state applicants that, due to on-site environmental impacts, were required to obtain a permit from a state or federal agency. Examples of such work includes wetland permits, air permits, effluent discharge permits, or effluent pretreatment permits.


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